A new interview up at Sons of Spade

Some Reviews of Dixie Noir:

Don Noble,  the Tusclaoosa News (Originally aired on Alabama Public Radio)

John Wendel at the Alabama Writers' Forum

Harriet Klausner at  The Mystery Gazette

Beverly J. DeWeese for Mystery Scene

Some Reviews of Breathing Out the Ghost:

A new review by Don Noble, the dean of Alabama letters. Originally broadcast on Alabama Public Radio, it was recently republished in the Tuscaloosa News.

A shoutout from the Mobile Press Register.

A very generous review from the folks at
Three Sisters.

A cool article from the
Shelbyville News about both Breathing Out the Ghost and Kirk's great-grandmama's 115th b-day party! 

A newly posted thirty-minute radio interview with the
  Alabama Arts Radio Series


A nice if succint 5-star endorsement of Ghost on Bookreporter.com's "Word of Mouth" page. (Scroll down or search book title)

A nice review of Breathing Out the Ghost from the
Alabama Writers Forum

A Troy University article on Ghost (Scroll to page 7)

An article on Ghost from the
Montgomery Advertiser

The Dec 07 ForeWord Magazine Book Club comment board on Ghost

An article from the
Midland (MI) Daily News

A nice mention of Coffee with Hemingway from Library Journal

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