Alabama Book Festival:

Held every third Saturday in April, the festival brings dozens of writers to the state capital for a celebration of the literary arts.

Alabama Writers Forum:

A non-profit organization promoting the literary arts both for readers and for the public. Kirk joined the board in 2009 after writing for the AWF's website and magazine for a good while.

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

The only house they ever lived in that's either still standing or open to the public. Haunted, too. 

The Southern Literary Trail:

A very cool coalition of houses and museums of writers from Georgia to Mississippi. 

River City Publishing

One of the premiere independent publishers in the South. And we don't just say that because they did Breathing Out the Ghost and Baby, Let's Make a Baby. They've also published Carolyn Haines, Robert McCammon, Daniel Wallace, Brad Vice, and Wayne Greenhaw. To name a few.

The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society 

An international literary society devoted to the author of The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the Night, and This Side of Paradise. The Society sponsors great conferences every other year. It also publishes a journal, soon to be published by Blackwell, called (surprise) The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review. Kirk is the managing editor.

The Ernest Hemingway Society 

An author society devoted to the author of The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms, and even Across the River and Into the Trees. They sponsor great conferences every other year, too, and publish a journal called The Hemingway Review, edited by the great Susan F. Beegel.

Good Reads

A highly addictive social networking site for bookworms. The Anti-My Space: no Tila Tequila, no spammers trying to sell you love wrenches, a modicum of middle fingers. Rank your books, defend your rankings, debate what's great. 

Sunny's Art

Works by Montgomery artist Sunny Paulk, whom we love dearly, and not just because she did the author portrait for Breathing Out the Ghost. (But that helped).

El Rey Burrito Lounge

The best hangout in Montgomery, Alabama. So good it had to be the setting of a noir novel. Noveau Mexican cuisine, funky atmos, strong margaritas. Happy hour at 4. RIP Bubbles, but you can still see him if you go across the street to Bud's. Just come back to the El.

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